Your pets’ needs are cared for at Jebel K9 5 Star Pet Resort & Dog Training Center.
When a new guest checks in a Pet Caregiver Attendant is assigned to give personalized care and attention to your pet.

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Spacious and airconditioned rooms designed for the comfort and safety of our pet guests. Each room leads out into the break or play area. Multiple dog families can be in the same room, a suite or in rooms side by side.

Exercise – Dogs will enjoy supervised play in the large play areas for group or individual play, or have some fun and extra activity on our agility course, or ​​cool off in our doggie splash pool and water park

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    day care

    When you leave your dog with us for the day we will organize a fun filled day


    It is packed with exercise, play and even a training session or two if you would like us to work with your pet on any specific issues.


    When you collect your pet he or she will be relaxed, happy and ready for an evening at home with you!


    We offer day care with limo service packages for one day, three days and five days a week.