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Our Team

Alfa Vold

Founder & CEO of Canadian Jebel K9 Training and Services.

Growing up near Vancouver, British Columbia, dogs were always a part of Alfa’s life. Over the years, her genuine love and fascination for dogs, grew into a passion to discover more about them. She learned how to communicate with them better, to appreciate their behavior and to understand how they learn.

She has worked with dogs in a professional capacity for over 25 years. Today she lives in Oman with her husband Nabil and her own pack. This includes German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Border Collies and mixed breed local Omani dogs.

Alfa holds certificates including Certified Master Trainer, Kennel Management and Dog Behavior. While, she always keeps up with up to date dog training methodologies and continues to attend various workshops and courses.  Some of these courses are canine behavior, canine emergency first aid and various training techniques and styles. She also attend seminars and course regarding facilities management and development.

She loves training dogs and helping clients improve their relationships with their pets. In addition, she conducts seminars and workshops in dog communication and behavior and trains dogs and handlers for the Police and the Military.

The Team

Our team of professional dog trainers and handlers are all avid dog lovers. Our Canine Care Professionals are trained in Dog Handling, Body Language and Non Verbal Communication, Basic canine behavior, Obedience skills and Alfa’s dog health and safety care program.


Our Inspiration Is…
A love and passion for dogs. We admire their sincere loyalty, unique senses and adaptability!

Jebel K9 feel successful in its mission when:

We teach each pet owner how to treat his loved pet.

We train each dog entrusted to our care, how to communicate with its owner.

Choose the right service that meets your needs.

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