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Agility training is a great way to keep your dog active and healthy, whatever the breed or size.

A fun outlet stimulating your dog both mentally and physically. The bond you have with your dog will increase through learning how to work together. Agility is also a wonderful way to sharpen obedience in a positive and fun environment


We keep our classes small and each team works at their individual pace. Training methods are based on motivation and rewards such as food and toys.


Agility is fun for dogs of all ages as long as they are physically healthy. Even puppies can join in on the classes and learn important skills. Your dog should understand some basic commands such as Sit, Down, Recall and Stay.


Agility is more than learning how to jump. You will learn how to communicate more effectively with your dog and teamwork skills.
Agility training is a great way to boost confidence in a shy or fearful dog. It also helps with socialization skills in introducing to new environments, sounds, objects, people and other dogs.

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