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Luxury Dog Board and Train Experience

Board & Train

During this program your dog will stay with us and undergo a personalized and comprehensive training program with our professional trainers. Depending on the training required to address your dog’s needs, we offer a 2 week, 3 week or 4 weeks stay.


We will do an assessment with you and your dog to determine your dog’s personality and temperament, the goals you have for your dog and possible problem areas. Based on this we will create a tailored program suitable for your dog.

Each dog is different, and each has their own different rate of learning and innate drives. Obedience exercises are the groundwork for all training, and we will start with basic exercises and build your dog progressively adding distractions. As we progress, we will increase the impulse control to various day to day stimuli aiming at the central goal of increasing your dog’s focus on you and behavioral improvements.

The board and train program includes 2 private training sessions for you and your dog with one of our professional trainers. These sessions will help you to achieve the same results with your dog as our trainers.

Contact us if you are facing any problems with your dog following through on the exercises or if new problem behaviors are developing. We can help to assess why the problems are happening and if necessary book a refresher training.