Dog Boarding Muscat Oman

Board & Train Program

Your Pets are our Guests

The dog boarding Muscat Oman and train program is one of our most popular programs. During this program, your dog will board with us. Then it will undergo an extensive and personalized training program with our professional trainers. Usually, we recommend a 2 week, 3 week, or 4 week stay . This depends on your goals and the training required to address your dog’s needs.

Dog Boarding Muscat Oman

How to get started with Board and Train Program?

We will arrange an assessment with you and your dog. In this way, we will determine what goals you have for your dog and any problems you may be experiencing. We will then create a tailored board and train program suitable for your dog. This will depend upon:

your dog’s age,

previous training (if any),

his or her temperament and personality, problem behaviours

and your goals, among other things.

What will my dog learn?

Each dog is different and each has his or her different rate of learning, in addition to different levels of innate drives. Taking obedience as the basis for all training, we will start with Basic Obedience commands. In this way, we will work your dog progressively, including relevant distractions. as we progress, we will increase his or her control and impulses to various day to day stimuli. All of this, always aims at the central goal of increasing your dog’s focus on you.

Will my dog listen to me or just the trainer?

Each board and train program includes private training sessions for you and your dog with one of our professional trainers. This session will help you achieve the same results with your dog as our trainers achieved during the board and train period and will lay the groundwork for future obedience skills and behavioural improvements.

What if problems come up in the future?

Call us if you feel your dog is not continuing to follow the commands or if new problem behaviours are developing. We will set up a follow up assessment and discuss any maintenance training you would like for your dog.

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