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Intermediate obedience for dog training is for those, who want a dog that they can enjoy being around. A dog who is reliable, has good manners, listens to commands and overall makes for a proud owner. Of course, this type of dog rarely comes by chance, but always comes by training. And the more your dog’s training advances the more you will bond with him or her. As a result, your trust in your dog will increase, as will your dog’s confidence, helping to make a healthier and happier dog with better behaviors all around.

In Intermediate obedience our objective is to produce the most reliable and optimal result so every dog works at his / her own level.

Intermediate Obedience Class is suitable for dogs of all ages who possess basic obedience skills.

Some highlights of our Intermediate Obedience Classes.


We help in polishing Basic Obedience skills


An increase of reliability in

  • Distance work – you will gain greater control of your dog. By Starting with long lines with a goal to beginning off – leash training.
  • Distraction – you will start with low level distractions. As we progress, we build up distraction until we can receive focus in all types of situations. This includes, other dogs playing, balls, children, other animals, noises…etc.
  • Duration training– Your dog will learn to stay in position for longer periods of time. This helps in building up to maintain your stay command even when you are out of their direct line of site.

We Introduce new advanced commands, add a new challenge and dimension to your training..


After Intermediate Obedience class, intermediate obedience skills are maintained as part of our Obedience Club work.

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