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Obedience Club is a group dog training class held on a drop-in basis once per week. During the class, you and your dog can practice intermediate to advanced obedience skills as well as Rally Obedience and Agility based games. Obedience Club is suitable for dogs of all ages who possess at least basic obedience skills.

What to expect from Obedience Club

In this group class we will work on improving and sharpening obedience skills, learning new commands and having fun. You can work on Intermediate and Advanced Obedience skills. In addition, we can work through problem behaviours, solve obedience issues or just keep your dog working and socialising. During all the the training process your dog enjoys a fun and friendly group environment.

You can find some highlights of our Obedience Club group classes below:


We work towards your training goals for your dog, at your own pace.


We develop focus, motivation and energy between you and your dog.


You will learn to engage your dog in fun and focused challenges.


We organise rally obedience and agility games

Half of class dog training time is dedicated to Rally Obedience and Agility games. Especially, these fun sports among others, help the dog build focus and teamwork. In this way, a stronger bond is built between you and your dog, as well as the dog’s skills are strengthen. Finally, we enjoy having some fun competitions with your classmates on our course set up of various stations. Each station has a different task or exercise to perform. Among these station, you can find down or sit stay, jump agility obstacles, including jumps, plank walk, teeter-totter and tunnels.

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