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Board and Train

The board and train program is one of our most popular programs. During this program, your dog will board with us while undergoing an extensive and personalized training program with our professional trainers. Book your dog anywhere from one week up to four weeks. Length of stay depends on your goals and the training required to address your dog’s needs.

Private training

If you can’t make the group classes don’t worry, you can sign up for Private one on one lessons that can be made by appointment at your convenience.

Group Training Classes:

The following schedule outlines start dates.

September marks the start of our group training classes to include Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Tracking, Agility and we will resume our Schutzhund Club.

Spots limited, Contact us to book your spot. See our schedule for timings

Introducing Tracking

Spots limited. Contact us to book your spot. • Starting Saturday, October 28th – 6 week course – See Schedule for timings.


There are many reasons why your dog should participate in this fun sport.

First and foremost, it is great exercise and dogs of size and age can learn how to use their nose and track. Tracking provides both physical and mental stimulation for your pet and best of all working as a team together with your dog will build trust and an even stronger bond.
While some dogs are noted for their ability to search, all dogs can learn how to use their nose, especially when they are out having fun with you! Pictured is our friend Mike in Canada with his dog Misty who he has taught to find the much sought after, Pine Mushrooms.


Spots limited, contact us to book your spot.
Starting Saturday, October 28. See our schedule for timings.


Agility training is a great way to keep your dog active and healthy, whatever its age, breed or size.

If you are looking for a fun new activity Agility is a wonderful sport. Agility training enhances the bond with your dog, sharpens obedience and is a wonderful exercise for both you and your dog. Come and join us and get your dog ready to compete in Canines for a Cause 2018!!!

Junior Handlers Academy

October 2017 to February 2018


Junior Handler Academy is for youth aged 8 to 16 years old.

Bring your dog and join us starting Friday, October 20th from 3 to 4 pm for obedience, agility and practicing for all the games for Canines for a Cause 2018 when you can compete for Best Junior Handler of the year!
Contact us for more information about this program!


Starting Saturday, December 9th


Schutzhund emphasizes training with precision obedience with high motivation and reward for your dog.

Often Schutzhund is thought of for the protection work, however there are 3 parts, Tracking, Obedience and Protection. As Perelli Tires slogan said “Power is nothing without control.”
Prerequisite for Schutzhund – Intermediate Obedience & Tracking Course. If you think you and your dog would enjoy this program, contact us for more information