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This event is more than a dog show. It is an opportunity to have a fun day out for you, your families and of course your dog!!!

A Family Fun Day Out!

Bring your dog and enjoy the fun atmosphere and competitions ( all dogs must be on a lead)!

While giving back to the community at the same time through raising money for Oman Diabetes Association and Omani Paws. We like to think of it as “Dogs giving back”.
The competitions are all about having fun and building better relationships with your dog through playing games and competing together as a team. Taking into account that the competitions should be taken with fun in mind. Our aim is by the end you leave with smile!

The competitions include:


Obedience Challenge


Musical Hoops


Leave It


Best Trick


The Maze


Dress Up Relay


Agility Challenge


Dog Demonstrations


Junior Handler

This event serves dual purposes, first to raise money for local charities and secondly to provide awareness and educate about dogs and their capabilities and give people an opportunity to socialize and learn how to get the very best out of their dog through letting go, enjoying and helping others at the same time.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone can attend. Whether you bring a dog along or not.Come along and enjoy watching the competitions and the displays. If you bring your dog you can enter the fun games and competitions or choose just to bring your pup along to socialize; whether you choose to enter one of the events or not you can still enter for Find the Treat, Pawcasso and more.

Can Any Dog Attend?

We welcome rescues, cross breeds, pure breeds, small dogs, big dogs, and all dogs in between. As long as your dog is friendly and non-threatening to people or other dogs.

The Event Schedule

TimeEvent TypeEvent
10:00DemonstrationAgility And Maze
10:15CompetitionMusical Hoops
10:45DisplayFrisbee Display
11:00CompetitionDog Biscuit Rally
11:30DemonstrationProtection Display by Alpha K9 Team
11:45CompetitionObedience Challenge
Rocket Recall
12:30DemonstrationFreestyle / Trick Display
CompetitionBest Trick
13:00DemonstrationROP Detection Dog Demonstration
CompetitionLeave it
Presentation Canines for a Cause Hall of Fame AwardsBest Rescue and Best Journey
13:30CompetitionJunior Handler Final Competition
Competition"Best Costume Winer" (audience votes)
14:00CompetitionDress Up Relay
Announcement"Pawcasso" (audience votes) winner announced
14:30CompetitionThe Maze
AnnouncementFind The Treat - Winner announced
AnnouncementMost Outrageous Dog
15:00CompetitionAgility Challenge
15:30CompetitionBone Appetite

Rules & Regulations

The Fast and the Furriest

Dress up Relay – A fun jumping game! Each dog will jump over 3 small jumps and return to their handler. Each time the dog returns the handler must place an article of clothing on the dog and jump again, until all clothing is gone. The dog that finishes first with the most amount of clothes on wins.
Handlers are allowed to have their dogs on a lead and run their dogs over the jumps. All jumps will be in accordance to the dog’s height.

Agility Challenge – Agility obstacles mixed with Rally Obedience. The team who finishes fastest with the least amount of faults is the winner!

Dog Biscuit Dash
Handlers will walk with their dogs over a predesigned course, while carrying a dog treat on a spoon, without dropping it. At the end of the course the handler must put the treat in the bucket and the dogs must retrieve a piece of hot dog from a second bucket. The fastest team to complete the course wins.

Rocket Recall – This game tests your dog’s recall skills. Dogs are placed in sit/stay and the handlers walk 10 meters away. When the judge says call your dog. The dog with the fastest recall is the winner.

The Cleverest Canine

Musical Hoops – This is musical chairs for dogs! While the music plays, handlers heel their dogs around a circle of hula-hoops. When the music stops, handlers tell their dogs to “sit” (or “down”) so that at least two of their paws are in a hoop. Any dogs without two paws in a hoop are excused. One hoop is then removed and the game continues until only one remains. The handler is not allowed to enter the hoop at any time or they are excused.

The Maze – Guide your dog from the top to the bottom of our maze without holding a leash or touching your dog. Accuracy and speed will determine the winners

Best Trick
Can your dog shake hands, bark on command, roll over or other fun tricks? Show off your dog’s talents in this fun competition.

Pet Ettiquette

Bone Appetite  – Does your dog love food? Enter the Bone Appetite contest and put him to the test. Dogs are given a series of foods, such as dog treats, crackers, cheese, hot dogs, vegetables and lemon slices. If a dog does NOT eat what is put on his plate, he is excused. The winner is the dog who eats.

Leave It –- In this test of focus, obedience and will power, dogs must resist the lure of tasty treats, toys and other distractions and obey their handlers by “staying.” Dogs are put in a sit stay on one end of a carpet and the handler walks to the other end and calls his/her dog. The dog must come to the handler without touching any of the distractions placed on both sides of the carpet.
If a dog breaks and goes for the treats, he is excused from the competition. In the event of a tie we will have a showdown using higher levels of distractions.

Obedience Challenge
Timed event – 10 Exercises in total. Handlers have the given amount of time to complete each exercise or they will be excused from the event if their dog is not in position when the allotted time is up. If the dog moves from position during the allotted time the handler must put the dog back into position before the time is up or they will be disqualified.

Junior Handler Academy

Best Junior Handler – Final Competition – First prize winners of all games compete for best junior handler. Best Junior Handler awarded.
Best handler will be established by the junior handler that has the most first and/or second place ribbons. In the event of a tie, we will have an obedience competition and agility competition to establish the winner.

Added Fun

We will have stands where you can play these fun games as many times as you wish and win a prize :

Find the Treat -3 buckets are placed in a row and a treat is placed under one of them. The buckets will be shuffled around and the dog must choose which bucket the treat is under.
Dogs that find the treat, their names will be put in a draw for a special prize

Pawcasso –- A fun game where dogs can show off their creative talents. 4 colors of nontoxic paints to choose from and put on poster sized canvases, covered with plastic. Your dog can walk or roll on the canvas or wear one of our clever cutout shapes. The audience will vote best painting.

Best Dog Costume
Audience choice. Best costume will be voted on by the audience.

Most Outrageous Dog – Judges Choice
Your dog can still win even if he is the most disobedient or makes the most mistakes. Judges will decide on the winner which will be announced at the awards ceremony at the end of the day.

Canadian Jebel K9’s Dogs of Oman Hall of Fame Awards

Most Amazing Rescue  -An amazing rescue where a dog overcomes difficult circumstances.

Most Amazing Journey/Reunion –- A Dog that had an incredible journey and reunited with the owner.

Best dog/handler team of the day – Judges Choice


Bring your dog in a costume for a chance to win a prize!

  • Fun games and competitions for you & your dog
  • Refreshments
  • Food and Vendor Stalls
  • Dog Education Stalls


11 February 2017, 10.00 – 16.00


Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz Carlton Hotel, Behind the Tennis Village

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Tickets Available At:

Canadian Jebel K9 – Training & Services, Al Rumays
My Cupcake, The Wave
Al Bustan Palace Hotel
Creatures Pet Shop, Sabco Center, Al Qurm
Qurm Vets, Al Qurm – Azaiba

Entry Fee RO 5 Per Person, kids under 12 enter free

Entry Fee RO 2 Per Dog guarantees access to all games