Keep your dog feeling refreshed and looking great.

Regular grooming is an essential part of your dog’s care and is vital to help
prevent infections and bacterial problems.

Our grooming services include

By giving you peace of mind, your pet will have a safe and comfortable journey.


Ear Cleaning

Nail Clipping

Hair trimming for large & small breeds

Hair styling small & Large breeds

De-shedding, De-matting & Knot removal

Full Shave

Skin & Fur checks

Grooming your dog is essential

Protection From Parasites

Fleas and ticks are not only uncomfortable for your dog, but also very bad for their health. Check your dog’s fur and skin regularly and talk to your veterinarian about treatment for protection against parasites.

Skin and Coat Health

Shiny and healthy fur and skin not only make your pet look great but it is also a sign of general good health. Regular grooming helps remove dirt, dead hair and dander from your dog’s coat, and prevents matting and knotting.

How Often To Bathe

Frequency of bathing depends on your dog's breed and lifestyle, ideally once or twice a month to avoid skin issues and dry fur. Consider your dog's diet as well, as a dull coat might indicate nutritional deficiencies. Research food options or consult with a vet/nutritionist for supplements.


Choosing the right tools for your dog’s fur type can save you time and make the experience a joy for your pet. In addition, there are many choices of grooming combs, rakes and brushes depending on if your pet has long or short hair, and a thick undercoat.

Choosing a shampoo

There is an abundance of shampoos available for dogs. Shampoos for dandruff, bacterial control, itch control, long hair, short hair, shedding etc. So, you should consider your dog’s skin and hair type. Also. you should consult your groomer or veterinarian if you are not sure which is the best one to use for your pet.


Nail trimming frequency varies based on your dog's activity level. Dogs with regular walks on hard surfaces may need less frequent trimming. Check your dog's nails weekly for damage or splintering. Long nails can affect footing and cause discomfort.

We offer a Complimentary Departure Bath with boarding of 5 days or more. If your pet requires a special shampoo please bring along.


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