Welcome to Jebel K9 Dog Training Institute

Your Dog will Graduate as a Balanced, Happy Dog, Focused on you

At Jebel K9 Training Institute, we’re dedicated to transforming dogs lives and helping them thrive in our world. Our tailored training programs are designed to provide your canine companion with essential life skills and build a strong bond between you and your pet. We believe that well-trained dogs are not only happier but also safer members of our community.

Our dog training programs offer a range of benefits for you and your canine friend:-

Confidence and Stress Relief

We boost confidence and alleviate stress in fearful dogs, helping them lead happier lives.

Stronger Bond

Training fosters a stronger bond between you and your dog, enhancing your relationship.

Effective Communication

Our programs improve communication between you and your furry friend, ensuring better understanding and cooperation.

Mental Stimulation

Dogs receive mental stimulation through our training, keeping their minds sharp and engaged.


For your dog’s safety and your peace of mind, our training enables you to control and protect your pet in various situations.


We help socialize your dog, ensuring they interact well with other dogs and people.

Choosing the Right Training Program

Selecting the ideal program depends on your dog’s age, personality, and any behavioral concerns. We start with an assessment to understand your dog’s unique needs. Our programs cater to puppies, adolescent dogs, and mature dogs. All dogs start with our basic foundation program, and you can opt for intermediate training, specialized training (nose work, agility, protection work), or join our Jebel K9 Obedience Club.

Private Training

Personalized sessions with flexible timings. We recommend six sessions for basic training.

Board and Train

Comprehensive training with professional trainers while your dog stays with us. Duration varies from 1 week to 1 month, depending on needs. Ideal for obedience and protection work.

Behavior Modification

Customized programs to address undesirable behaviors and shape new, better responses. We’ve successfully transformed countless troubled tails.

Group Training - Pawsitive Pack

Fun and effective group training sessions designed to improve focus under distractions. Weekly sessions for 5 weeks cover leash walking, sit, down, stay, recall, focus, and more. Socialize your dog while building trust and a stronger bond.

Specialized Training Courses

Once your dog has mastered the basic obedience and control phase of training, you may enroll in further specialized training programs such as:-
  • Dog Agility
  • Detection (Nose work)
  • Personal Protection
  • Tracking

Dog Handler/Trainer Courses

We offer dog handler and trainer programs with certifications to become a professional dog Handler or dog Trainer.

Join us at Jebel K9 Dog Training Center, where we’re committed to helping dogs become the best versions of themselves, fostering happiness and balance in their lives. Together, we’ll embark on an enriching journey of learning and growth.


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