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Oman’s own ‘hotel for dogs’

Jebel K9 Pet Resort at Times of Oman Oman's own 'hotel for dogs' May 9, 2018 | 6:47 PM by Salim Al Afifi   In 2009, when we got a peek into the life of a pampered dog in the family-friendly flick ‘Hotel for Dogs’, it was then, when we realised...

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Training this fall

The board and train program is one of our most popular programs. During this program, your dog will board with us while undergoing an extensive and personalized training program with our professional trainers. Book your dog anywhere from one week up to...

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Group Basic Obedience Classes September 2017

New Group Basic Obedience Classes When: Classes will be held every Saturday from 10 to 11 am Duration: for 6 weeks Where: at Jebel K9 Training Center in Al Rumays Starting: September 16th, 2017 Subject of Training: Introducing Basic commands,...

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Are all dogs equal?

There is a well-known phrase – there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. But is it really only all in how you raise them? What makes some dogs so easy to train and others seemingly impossible? All dogs are the same in the sense that they all have innate behaviours such...

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Does your dog have good manners?

Spending some time teaching your dog to have good manners will help you and your dog to communicate properly. In this way you build peaceful and pleasant encounters, both at home and when you are out. Your dog may be the nicest and friendliest dog in the neighbour­...

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How to love your dog

Learn how to love your dog. Like any relationship in our lives, we are acting in the dog’s best interest in creating and maintaining a healthy bond. The bond we share with our dogs is very special and so very personal to each of us. Dogs are so unique, they see us at...

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Health and Safety for your dog

Here are some measures to adopt in and around the house to ensure your pet’s health and safety so you can go on to enjoy a long lasting relationship together KEEP YOUR DOG COMFORTABLE IN THE HOT WEATHER For many months of the year in Oman temperatures are too hot for...

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The Right One

It is paramount to think about why you want and what your expectations are as for all their attributes, they are a 12 to 15 year commitment

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Is your dog jealous?

Is your dog jealous? Does your pet seek attention from you when you are on the telephone, computer or ipad? Or perhaps when you have guests over, they position themselves between you and your guest and pester you for pets? Some dogs may react to seeing their...

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