Should your dog walk to heel ?

Walks with your dog should be structured and unstructured depending on where you are walking.

If walking on a crowded street your dog should walk comfortably beside you in the “heel” position. if on the beach or on a hike you can give them more freedom on a long leash or off leash. (if permitted and they have a reliable recall).

When on a casual neighborhood walk

they don’t have to be focused on you the entire time but should not be walking ahead, pulling or stopping every few steps. every now and again give them the “break” cue so they can have a sniff about or answer natures call if required.

The key is you decide when and where they have the break and for how long.
If your dog has any behavioral problems or easily distracted

They may require extra control on walks and lots of practice at home, slowly building distractions and better impulse control.

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