The Importance of having fun with your dog



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Dogs love to play and are always ready to have fun. Regular play sessions keep your dog both physically and mentally healthy. It is also good for you, a definite mood booster and sure to put a smile on your face.

Most dogs enjoy more than just one activity. They like to mix it up with walking and playing fetch or with toys and different games. This allows your dog to explore all their senses, such as sights, smell, touch and listening. These activities in turn help to increase the bond between you and your dog. So you can build confidence in dogs that are anxious or fearful.

A few tips on how to have fun with your dog:

Going for Walks

When you walk with your dog helps keep you and your dog fit. It is important to know, that they really look forward to the walks and it becomes an essential part of their time spent with you. You can make walks even more exciting by exploring different locations. Or You can bring a special toy along and mix some play with your walk. Finally, you can invite a friend with a dog for a walk/play session. This is a good way to teach him basic obedience.


Play with your dog

You must always make play fun and rewarding. This is done by finding out what your dog loves the most. For some dogs it is playing fetch, others tug. Also, many dogs love chasing games. Finally, you can teach your dog to search for toys, objects or to find you!


Playing games is also a great bond enhancer

It teaches cooperative behavior and relieves boredom, rather than your dog making up his own game such as stalking and killing your shoes or flowerbeds!

You can use play as an effective training tool by teaching retrieve, recall, carrying objects and also basic obedience commands. Actively encourage your dog to engage in appropriate play from an early age.

Finally, there are lots of great toys on the market for our dogs, which stimulate exercise and mental problem solving skills. So, choose toys based on your dogs age and preference.



Choose toys that are durable and that are safe. Especially, if you leave your dog unsupervised with a toy. So, dogs love to chew their toys so take care with soft toys and with balls. Balls should be appropriate in size to your dogs size to avoid choking.

Also, don’t give your dog all the toys at one time. Put some away and every week change them around to keep their interest.

Keep a special toy your dog loves just for training or walks. In this way, it will become higher in value to your dog and you will receive better focus.


A few tips of fair play from your dog:

1. No canine teeth grab skin or clothes. Never permit rough play with tooth contact. If your dog gets overexcited and starts getting to rough, stop the play for at least 30 seconds, i.e. give the dog a “time out” then require a SIT before resuming play. Train him to “play fair”
2. Teach your dog the release or out command

3. You decide on beginning and ending of play session

4. If your dog wants to play more than you, redirect his energy into a chew toy.
Putting time into the physical and mental needs of your dog will provide you with a well balanced, stable dog that enjoys all aspects of his life with you.

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