Transforming Troubled Tails: Effective Dog Training for Behavior Modification

behavior modification

After an initial assessment with you and your dog we will discern what is triggering your problem and design a training plan to help your dog overcome the problem behavior.

Through reconditioning your dog’s response to what is triggering the undesirable behavior and shaping new and better responses, the dogs learn to make better choices. We have helped hundreds of dogs over the years overcome their various problems and equip their owners with the tools and understanding to prevent any future problems from arising.

This program is designed for dogs that are displaying difficult behaviors such as:

  1. Aggression towards other dogs or people
  2. Guarding food or areas or any other issues
  3. Territorial Aggression
  4. Anxiety & Neurotic behavior
  5. Fearful behavior
  6. Separation anxiety
  7. Improve bad manners
  8. Other problems to include severe phobias or compulsive behaviors and more.