For pet owners who want to ensure that their pets receive the best possible care and attention.


Regular grooming is an essential part of your dog’s care and is vital to help prevent infections and bacterial problems.

We offer a Departure Bath – Shampoo and towel dry – free of charge with boarding of 14 days or more. (If your pet requires a special shampoo please bring along)


Ear Cleaning

Hair Trim for small to large breeds

Full Shave

Brush out, De-matting, Knot removal

Our services are inclusive of relocation requirements and short and long term boarding for your pets.

So even if you need to travel ahead of your pet, you can be sure your pet is in safe hands with Jebel K9. It is important to understand that some countries have strict requirements and regulations to import pets. Therefore planning as far in advance as possible is ideal. Also, If there is a possibility you may be relocating in the future please keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date. We are pleased to offer full relocation services for animals departing or arriving into Oman. This service includes:

Keep your dog feeling refreshed and looking great. By doing a weekly check of ears, nails, eyes, tail, fur and skin.
  • Ear care and ear infections are one of the most common health issues for dogs. So it is essential to keep your dog’s ears in top shape.
  • Check your dog’s ears regularly for ear mites and for buildup of debris. This can lead to bacterial and yeast infections.
  • Use an ear cleaning solution to help keep your dog’s ears healthy. Pour a little of the solution on cotton or gauze to clean the ear. Remember to dry the inner ear with clean, dry gauze after cleaning. This should only ever be used on the outer part of your dog’s ears.
  • If your dog swims or is wet regularly take care to dry the ears of any excess moisture to keep your pet comfortable.
Protection from parasites

Fleas and ticks are not only uncomfortable for your dog, but also very bad for their health. Check your dog’s fur and skin regularly and talk to your veterinarian about treatment for protection against parasites.

Bathing and your dog’s coat

Shiny and healthy fur and skin not only make your pet look great but it is also a sign of general good health.


Choosing the right tools for your dog’s fur type can save you time and make the experience a joy for your pet. In addition, there are many choices of grooming combs, rakes and brushes depending on if your pet has long or short hair, and a thick undercoat.

Choosing a shampoo

There are an abundance of shampoos available for dogs. Shampoos for dandruff, bacterial control, itch control, long hair, short hair, shedding etc. So, you should consider your dog’s skin and hair type. Also. you should consult your groomer or veterinarian if you are not sure which is the best one to use for your pet.

How often to bathe

It depends on your dog’s breed and lifestyle and could be done anywhere between once to twice per month. Bathing to much can cause skin problems and dry fur.

Also, remember that diet can affect your dog’s coat. For instance, a coat that is dull and dry, even when you are following a good grooming regime, can mean that your dog’s diet may be lacking. So, the besi is to do some research and speak to your veterinarian about varieties of food options or supplements for your pet.


Some dogs can have their nails trimmed weekly or monthly and others every few months, or not at all. Much depends on your dog’s activities. For instance, dogs that have regular walks on hard surfaces will wear their nails down and not require trimming very often. So check your dog’s nails weekly for any splintering or signs of damage and check the length. If nails are left to long, they can interfere with the dogs footing and cause discomfort.