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Pet Relocation Services

Our aim is to make the process of relocating your pet convenient and stress free. By giving you peace of mind, your pet will have a safe and comfortable journey.

Why choose our Pet Relocation Services

pet relocation services

Our services are inclusive of relocation requirements and short and long term boarding for your pets. So even if you need to travel ahead of your pet, you can be sure your pet is in safe hands with Jebel K9.

It is important to understand that some countries have strict requirements and regulations to import pets. Therefore planning as far in advance as possible is ideal. Also, If there is a possibility you may be relocating in the future please keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date.

We are pleased to offer full relocation services for animals departing or arriving into Oman. This service includes:


Import/export permits


Customs Clearance


All necessary documentation and/or paperwork


Flight arrangements and reservations


Arranging for Veterinary requirement

(microchips, vaccines, blood tests, deworming and topical treatments prior to travel)


Obtaining an IATA-approved kennel


Pet Limo service for pickup and delivery or airport shuttle for your pet.

The Jebel K9 5 Star Pet Resort

Jebel K9 5 Star Pet Hotel and Resort is Oman’s premier dog boarding and dog training center. It is equipped with spacious, airconditioned boarding facilities and plenty of room for your dog to exercise and play before or after their journey.

Official members of ATA – Animal Transportation Association

Important considerations:

Importing pets into Oman:
1. Dogs and cats travelling to Oman must be 4 months of age or older due to the necessary vaccination requirements. Your pet should have the first rabies vaccine at 3 months of age. In addition, your pet can enter Oman 4 weeks after the first valid vaccination against rabies with an accompanied certificate. All adult dogs and cats must have valid and up to date vaccinations. They must be vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days, and not more than 6 months prior to entering the country. Unless it is an ongoing yearly renewal 12 months is permissible.
2. Import Certificate must be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture prior to arrival.
3. Original Government Health certificate and vaccination certificates with valid stickers.
4. All dogs should be registered after arrival in Oman.

Exporting pets from Oman:
Requirements differ depending upon your country of destination.

1. All vaccinations should be up to date. Rabies must be at least 30 days prior to travel and not beyond 6 months.
2. An export certificate
3. Health certificate
4. In some countries it is mandatory to have a valid serology test (blood test). Also you may have to wait up to 3 months to travel.

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