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Benefits of Private Dog Training Sessions:

Private dog one-to-one training sessions are recommended to those with limited time. So, if you have a schedule which does not work around our group training sessions this class is for you. There are also cases that your dog is experiencing behavior problems such as anxiety or aggression. A private dog training session focusing on the problematic areas will help your dog to overcome them faster.
These sessions are flexible and we aim to balance your dog’s training requirements with your lifestyle demands.

What do the sessions include:

With the private dog training sessions, we work towards specific training needs. We tailor made the training programs to meet your requirements and satisfy the training goals or behavior problems for your dog. That’s why, we recommend that the frequency of the sessions should be one hour, at least, once per week.

While, a general obedience dog training usually requires a minimum of 6 sessions overall.

Finally, we do offer a discount if you book and pay for 6 sessions in advance.

How to book a session:

You can arrange your private dog training sessions by arranging an appointment with one of our qualified trainers. During our first meeting with you and your dog, we will assess your dog and discuss an appropriate training plan.

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