Jebel K9 Pet Resort at Times of Oman

Oman’s own ‘hotel for dogs’
May 9, 2018 | 6:47 PM by Salim Al Afifi


In 2009, when we got a peek into the life of a pampered dog in the family-friendly flick ‘Hotel for Dogs’, it was then, when we realised holidays are as important for dogs and other pets as they are for us humans. These beauteous canines deserve to taste luxury living and enjoy the finer things in life, and that is why proud owners choose to take their pooches to a place where they are guaranteed to be loved.

This week, let’s visit Canadian Jebel K9 (CJK9), a resort for the poshest of dogs, for a glimpse into a day in their lives that may leave many of us humans envious.

CJK9 is a huge five-star resort and spa for the four-legged tucked in the outskirts of Muscat in Hay Asem, where they offer a variety of special services for even the pickiest of guests.

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