Are all dogs equal?

There is a well-known phrase – there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. But is it really only all in how you raise them? What makes some dogs so easy to train and others seemingly impossible? HOW DO DOGS COMMUNICATE AND ORGANISE THEMSELVES? All dogs are the same in…
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Fears and Phobias in Dogs

I recently learned a new term for a phobia called Casadastraphobia. It means a pathological fear of falling into the sky. I had been researching compulsive behaviors in dogs that have a fear of the sky after working with a client whose dog has started this behavior in the recent…
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Should your dog walk to heel ?

Walks with your dog should be structured and unstructured depending on where you are walking. If walking on a crowded street your dog should walk comfortably beside you in the “heel” position. if on the beach or on a hike you can give them more freedom on a long leash…
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